Simple Ways To Keep Oily Face In Check

Bump Up The Salicylic Acid

Using cleansers is always a good idea. Not only do they keep your skin matte and oil-free, but they also decrease your chances of breaking out and getting annoying zits and pimples —especially the ones that contain salicylic acid among their ingredients.

This acid works by breaking down oil in your pores without drying up the surface of the skin. And, if you also exfoliate once a week with the ingredient, you will be able to achieve a healthy and fresh-looking face in a matter of weeks.

Ease Up On Makeup

Wearing makeup can feel really nice, and it typically boosts your confidence a bunch. However, wearing too much can bring about problems that can easily be avoided by decreasing the amount of product that you put on your face.

In general, foundations are really heavy and end up clogging the pores, especially in warm weather where the makeup starts to “melt” throughout the day. Changing to a lighter foundation or even a tinted moisturizer can make all the difference in achieving that natural look without too many products.

Don’t Forget About That Sunscreen

This tip may sound counterintuitive since sunscreens do make your face a little bit oiler when applying them, but their protective formula makes up for it in loads. The sun can damage the skin and therefore produce more oil to repair and protect sensitive areas of it for longer periods of time.

If you apply sunscreen, your skin will remain healthy and protected and won’t amp up oil production. A counter to the oily nature of sunscreens is to use one with oil-absorbing micronized zinc of at least SPF 40. This ingredient can also help to reduce and prevent acne.

Avoid Oil-Based Primers

Primers are a must when applying makeup that is supposed to last all day. They moisturize the skin and help to protect the pores from heavy foundations and bronzers. However, if the primer is oil-based, it can clog the pores, which is, ironically, what it is trying to prevent.

So, choosing a primer that is oil-free should be a priority to attain a matte look and avoid shiny skin. Once you find the right primer for your type of skin, you should make sure to apply it generously on the T-zone before applying any makeup at all. If you do this, your skin will be very happy indeed.

Never Stop Moisturizing

Don’t confuse oil production with hydration. They are two very different processes. Hydration is the presence of water on your skin, and it helps keep the pores clean and soft. The amount of hydration on your face will dictate the production of oil as well.

If you don’t apply a moisturizer every day –some would even argue that the right amount is three times a day– then you are doing your skin a disservice. Water generates a barrier that protects you from dirt and excessive oil. And creams with hyaluronic acid help balance the presence of both water and oil on the skin.