Cuticle Oil: What It Does And How To Apply It

Cuticle Oil Benefits

Since hands are used quite a bit daily, nails can take quite a beating. Emollients in cuticle oil act as a barrier to lock moisture around the area. The oil becomes a sort of buffer layer that feeds nails with fatty acids and antioxidants at the same time. It’s perfect when dealing with brittle, weak tips.

It can soften, moisturize and hydrate cuticles, which makes nails grow faster. Massaging into the skin stimulates blood flow, which promotes healthy nail growth. When applied over wet nail polish, it helps it dry faster. It also prevents those pesky hangnails!

How To Apply

It can be applied either with a dropper, brush, or applicator. It only takes a few drops, but in order to enjoy the benefits of cuticle oil, it’s important to massage in the oil until it completely absorbs.

To soften the cuticles even further, slather on some hand cream and wear gloves for at least 10 minutes. Body heat will help absorb the oil better. And you can even do the dishes with the gloves on! The steamy water can increase the skin's permeability, helping the oils penetrate deeper into the skin.

When To Apply

Set aside some time to let the formula fully sink into the skin. It only takes a few minutes. Washing and sanitizing the hands after applying the cuticle oil will remove it and diminish the benefits, so avoid washing your hands immediately

Cuticle oil can be applied at any time of the day. The exact time of day isn’t crucial, but it’s best to add cuticle oil to your nighttime ritual. Over-sanitising can make the tips feel especially dehydrated, so you can apply up to three times a day.

Apply And Reapply As Needed

You’ll unlikely use your hands so much while tucked in bed to wind down and self-care. Nighttime application is best for absorption and ensures you remember to apply daily.

Reapplying immediately after every hand wash is key. This will lock the moisture in the hands during the day. There is a two-minute window after hand wash in which applying cuticle oil will really trap and seal those nourishing ingredients in the skin before all the water evaporates off the surface, further compromising the skin.

The Best Cuticle Oils

The best cuticle oils are usually thinner, easily absorbed, and have a quick dry-down time. There are some great blends for brittle nails in the market. But any organic, unrefined oil (even a fast-absorbing hair oil) will do.

Extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and almond oil are also great choices. Just don’t forget to massage the oil to get healthy, strong nails and aptly prep them for a bold polish.