One Common Nail Care Technique You Should Definitely Avoid

Removing The Cuticles

Contrary to popular belief, cuticle trimming can lead to some serious damage. It may be normalized in many salon practices, but the truth is no one should remove the cuticle.

It’s best to gently push the cuticles back during a manicure. Peeling or completely removing them is quite dangerous. As tiny as they may look, they play an important part in nail health!

Don’t Do It. It’s Not Worth It

It can result in warts, infections, or permanent dystrophy, meaning a dent in the nail that will last. It may look ok in the beginning, but it does come with risks.

Many salons do cut the cuticles with a sanitized metal trimmer, which may create some extra surface area for a cute nail art design. Still, the potential complications outweigh the aesthetics every time.

Cuticles Have A Purpose

Cuticles are not just tiny layers of skin that rim the base of the nail for no reason. They are there to create a barrier for growing nails. As the nail grows, cuticles act as a buffer, so the vulnerable, new spots aren't exposed to any bacteria as they grow.

Removing that protective layer of skin means that aggressors can sneak their way in and cause an infection, even if the cuticle trimmers were sanitized.

What To Do

But letting the excess hang off the nail beds is not the only solution. Especially if that poses another issue, as some people become tempted to pick or bite them. There is a way to trim them safely, but in order to avoid the issue altogether and prevent those frays in the first place, following some nail care techniques is key!

Using cuticle oil can help keep the area soft and hydrated. It’s important to not soak the cuticles and wear gloves while cleaning or doing dishes. Most importantly, keeping the hands moisturized after each wash will really help. Just apply hand cream!

Safely Caring For Your Cuticles

Keeping your cuticles hydrated will make you reconsider why you were cutting them in the first place. When manicuring your hands, try gently pushing them with a cuticle pusher or even a cotton swab.

If there’s still some dry skin hanging off after properly pushing the cuticle, it’s ok to trim it. But only that tiny piece of skin! Never trim all the way around, and your nails will appear soft and smooth without a fray in sight.