The Best Beauty Shortcuts

Skin And Moisturizer

Before putting on any makeup, you need to prep your skin with a good moisturizer. This will give your skin a glowy effect.

Moisturizer is also great for skin hydration. If you don’t like wearing any type of foundation, tinted moisturizer is a great option to kill two birds with one stone.


Now that you have taken care of your skin, let’s move on to the eyes. First of all, turn to your favorite eye cream or eye mask to depuff your eyes. This method will remove any sign of tiredness.

If you need more coverage, concealer is a great ally. Dab a little bit of it under your eyes. It will do the trick!

Color Correction And Highlighter

After applying concealer, you might notice that it was not enough. It’s OK! There are some spots that concealer just can’t cover entirely. To handle this, just try using a color corrector. Green is to fight redness, yellow is used to hide brown spots, purple is ideal for fighting dullness, and if you’re trying to hide dark circles, go for peach or orange.

The next step involves highlighting the inner corners of your eyes, the tops of your cheekbones, your cupid’s bow, the tip of your nose, and your brow bones.

Brows And Lashes

Even if you have already taken care of your eyes with an eye cream or mask, you may still want to add an extra touch. Then, it’s time to move on to your brows and lashes.

Brows help you frame and balance your face, so in order to make them pop, you should add some pigment to fill in some spots. Now, move on to the lashes. This step is easy; you only need to pick your favorite mascara and style your lashes.

Lips And Cheeks

Now that you have almost finished, it’s time to give your face the finishing touches. You can wear a nice lipstick, or you can simply put some tinted lip balm to both moisturize your lips and give them a touch of color.

Finally, pick your favorite blush to make your cheeks really pop! This will give your face the right amount of color to make you look effortlessly ready.