Acne-Prone Skin? These Are The Best Makeup Hacks To Deal With It

First, A Clean Face

It is important to always start with a clean face and then use a gentle chemical exfoliant because a granulated formulation can spread bacteria with acne. For example, you can use exfoliating pads that have glycolic and hyaluronic acid.

Using these kinds of products helps remove dead skin cells and resurface your complexion for a smoother appearance. This will keep your pores clear and your complexion looking smooth.

Preparation Is Vital

Everyone has to do some kind of prep before applying makeup, but people with acne-prone skin need to be a little more diligent. For acne-prone skin, in particular, it is essential to make sure you have as smooth of a canvas as possible.

You can use moisturizers that moisturize, tighten, and smooth to reduce the appearance of pores and blur minor imperfections to even out skin tone. You just need to smooth a thin layer evenly over clean skin before makeup.

Foundation First, Then Concealer

You should apply the base coverage first, whether it's a tinted moisturizer or a foundation. That will help you determine how much concealer you will need to cover after.

When applying concealer, you need to be as gentle as possible. It is recommended to use a tapping technique and never a swiping motion because it can irritate the skin. Remember that your concealer needs to match your skin tone as closely as possible.

Layer And Blur Out Acne Scars

To achieve a fully blended, cake-free appearance, start by taping the concealer over the blemish and keep tapping until the product blends out. Then take a translucent powder and set it. Repeat this sequence and then add one final layer or powder to set the look.

Finally, you can use a blurring product to blur out acne scars. If the scar has created a pit mark or if it's just discolored, use a brightener on the spot, powder it, then use a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Avoid Touch-Ups

If skin shine starts to appear after a long morning, you may be tempted to reach for more concealer, but don’t! Because it will only contribute to cakiness.

For long days you can use a blotting sheet which is great for this kind of skin because it's just one and done, and then you can add a bit more translucent powder.