Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Nails Healthy

Protect Your Skin

Manicurists use UV light to dry nails in a matter of seconds, which means that your hand is directly exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to UV light can increase the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging.

No one will tell you to protect your skin, so before arriving at the nail salon, apply a generous layer of SPF of at least 30 – the higher, the better. The sunscreen should be water-resistant to ensure protection.

Talk To Your Manicurist

Take your time to choose the perfect nail salon. Nail salons should have minimal cleaning standard cleaning. If the people working there care for you, they will also care for your nails’ health.

Manicurists should sterilize all tools before and after every client. If you go to a nail salon, ty to spot one of them cleaning or disinfecting. The same precaution applies if you see a manicurist taking your cuticle out.

Just The Fingertips

Sometimes manicurists tell their clients to soak the fingers in acetone to have the nail polish removed. If you want to protect your skin even further, pay attention while doing this and limit yourself to soaking your fingertips only.

The safest practice would be to use cotton. Soaking the cotton in acetone ensures that your skin doesn’t get in touch with the acetone. You need to apply the cotton on the nails only and not on the skin around them.

Don’t Pick The Gel

Picking the gel nail polish as soon as you see a tiny spot of color coming off won’t make your nails look prettier. It will only damage your nail.

If you want to have the gel polish removed, make an appointment with the manicurist and let a specialist do the work. You may save some bucks if you do it yourself, but you’ll get your nails hurt.

Regular Nail Polish Vs. Gel Polish

The perks of gel polish include its long-lasting effect. However, anyone who experiences problems with gel manicures should switch to traditional nail polish. It’s best to keep your nails safe rather than having unhealthy nails.

Some people are allergic to acetone, which is used to remove gel polish. Regular nail polish may take longer to dry and doesn’t last as much as we wish to, but you can do it at home.