Hate Working Out? These Are Alternative Ways To Be In Good Shape

Work And Walk

Does it ever occur to you that it isn’t necessary to be inside an office to meet with your co-worker? If the point of the meeting is to talk, discuss and debate, these are simple activities you can do while walking.

Doctors recommend walking at least 30 minutes a day. These on-the-go meetings can take your daily exercise to the next level! Getting the work done while doing some exercise has never been easier.

Non-Gaming Exercise

Playing active games is an excellent way of exercising. With the new technology in-handy, you can choose to box, dance, play tennis, and do any other virtual sport or activity you wish to. You’d better make it real, or the motion-sensing camera won’t detect your moves.

Studies have found that fantasy role-playing games are better than a treadmill. People engaged in the role-playing were running, climbing, walking and moving much more than just being on a treadmill.

Home Exercise

You can exercise while doing the house chores. If you wash the car, mop and vacuum the floors of the house, you get your body to move for a couple of hours actively. Besides, clean spaces boost our mental being.

Gardening is another great way to exercise. Doing it for 30 minutes can be exhausting. You can volunteer in a community garden if you don’t have a garden to look after. These kinds of places need extra hands to do this type of work.


The more you move your body, the better. You can play your favorite songs and let your body dance to the rhythm. The best part of this activity is that you don’t have to do it alone. You can find someone to make it even more fun.

Countless are the benefits of dancing. For example, it can tone muscles and strengthen the heart and lungs. Exercising has never been easier. You just need good music to dance to.

Outdoor and Indoor Sports

If you enjoy being outdoors, you can get to the nearest park and join the activity that best suits you. Most parks include soccer, touch football, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and more!

For those who hate hot or cold days, indoor activities are the best option. You can join a team in any sports you like, such as basketball, volleyball, or racquetball. And if you don’t like team games, swimming is the best way to exercise your body.