Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Nails

Nail Hydration

Yes, you can moisturize other parts of your body besides the skin. Lack of proper hydration can deeply impact on the nails, as they become brittle and dry. And having them look old and yellow is definitely not the look you should be going for.

To moisturize the nails, you can apply the same products that you apply to the skin. However, using dedicated protein-based creams and lotions can really work wonders to keep those nails strong and healthy.

Cuticle Care

One mantra that you should always repeat to yourself is, “cuticles are not the enemy.” And this is important to remember because there are a lot of people that try to get rid of them constantly, and that is the wrong move. These pieces of cartilage are the protective seal of the nail.

Cuticles act as a defensive barrier against infections. So, whenever you feel like touching them, just don’t. Resist the urge to cut them, push them back or trim them. They are perfect as they are. Just apply moisturizing cream on them to keep them hydrated, and you are good to go.

Water Impact

Try to avoid keeping your hands wet for long periods of time. This piece of advice, however, does not mean that you should stop washing your hands or shower with gloves on. All you need to do is reduce the time that your nails are in contact with water, like washing dishes.

Hence, when you do activities where you have to get your hands wet, try to use protective equipment, like gloves or water-proof creams. This is because extended exposure to water can cause the nail cells to weaken and break off.

Gentle Touch

Try to be as gentle as you can when managing your nails. These are very sensitive and can suffer greatly from brisk behavior. That’s why you should never try to pick dirt out with pointy tools out of your nail. Doing this can accidentally separate the nail plate from the nail bed and cause an infection.

Additionally, you should never use your nails as tools, no matter how practical you think they might be. So avoid opening soda cans with them if possible. And beware of acrylic and gel manicures since they can peel off the outer layer of the nail and leave it vulnerable.

Weather Awareness

It is very important to be aware of the season you are currently in and how to treat your nails accordingly. And nails can suffer all year long, not only in winter. Caring for these in different weathers is very different and requires various methods.

Sure, winter is hard because nails get drier and brittler, but in summer, the shifts in temperature and the excessive heat can weaken the nail and cause additional damage. Consequently, you should always bear in mind how to effectively protect your nails each season.