Hacks to Instantly De-Puff Your Face

Ice Ice Baby

One of the easiest ways to help your face is to have a splash of cold water and wait for it to decompress to get your blood flowing. The cold temperature is a quick way to tighten pores and drive the fluid out, so the swelling goes down.

Some studies suggest that using sticks of ice cubes burns the skin. But there is nothing wrong with dipping your face in cold –not freezing– water for about fifteen seconds.


Going with the water theme, a simple way to help your puffy face is to stay hydrated. Not only will it help to depuff but to get your body going. Some studies show that it helps to clear up the skin.

The body retains water where it can (for example, your face) when it doesn't get enough. If you were wondering, alcohol or other liquids do not compear to the magnificent h2o.

Roll your face

If you have been on the internet for the past couple of years, you definitely heard about face rollers. Speculations of their actual benefits have been a topic of discussion, but as it turns out, it works perfectly for depuffing.

Rolling your face stimulates lymphatic drainage. It's a great massage that helps get the “bad” fluids to flow in a different direction. Pro-tip: refrigerate your facial tool to boost the benefits.

Caffeine fix

No, this is not an excuse to drink liters of coffee per day. We are not talking about that kind of caffeine. Professionals recommend using caffeine-based eye creams. Bonus points if you can find a product with a metal applicator that is cold to the touch.

Applying three dots to the undereye area and gently massaging it with your ring finger in sweeping motions or tapping it will make the product work better. Just remember not to be too close to your eyes.

Mask time

A mask comes into play as a fun way to fight puffiness and help your skin. It can be a homemade one, a little recreation of a spa day, or a high-end one. It just needs the right ingredients.

Some fun ingredients could be magnesium, caffeine, 24-karat gold (if you are feeling fancy), or cooling effects. A LED mask could also work, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Sleep with an extra pillow

Finally, the easiest way to help your face –and mental peace– is to have a great night of sleep. Also, the right amount of pillows can significantly decrease the shallowness.

The slightly elevated angle could help overnight. This is because an extra pillow will fight gravity, and the fluids that commonly affect your face will not stay in the wrong places. Remember to change the pillow cases regularly, as bacteria affects your skin.