Top Tips To Oil Your Hair

Massage The Scalp Gently

It is always beneficial to massage your scalp with oil. It can improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. However, rubbing the hair a little too rough can lead to broken hairs and irritation. So try to be gentle with the massage.

A piece of good advice is to use only the tip of your fingers to massage oil into your scalp. Keep doing it in a circular motion and with your hands in an L-shape, applying just a bit of pressure. You should also be careful not to tangle hair because that can lead to breakage.

Clean Your Hair Before Application

Whether your hair and scalp are dry or wet is not a factor while applying oil, only if it’s clean. This is because oil can’t get absorbed efficiently by your hair if it’s dirty. So always wash your hair before applying oil.

It is best to apply coconut oil on a dry scalp due to its heavy consistency, as it makes it easier for the hair to absorb it because the molecules present in that type of oil are quite big and don’t penetrate the shaft of the hair too well. Another good way to improve absorption is to warm up the oil before applying it.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Be careful not to apply more oil than you need. You don’t need to coat every single strand of hair with it because it will require the same amount of shampoo to rinse it off, which can lead to dryness. So, instead, apply a small amount and try to rub it on as much surface as you can.

Another important aspect to have in mind is that you shouldn’t be leaving the oil sitting for too long on your head. One or two hours is more than enough time to revitalize the hair and give it enough moisture. Also, don’t apply oil more than two times a week.

Listen To Your Hair

The temptation to constantly repeat the same routine week after week can be very strong to beat, but you need to do that in order to keep your scalp healthy. Depending on your type of hair, you should always heed the symptoms of oil overuse.

People with oily hair should stay away from oil usage since it can worsen the situation. Moreover, those with dandruff, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis should avoid using oils. The latter can lead to increased flaking, red patches and inflammation.

Follow The Right Steps

The best way to apply oil is to, first, warm it up. After it is ready to go, you should always section off pieces of hair and massage the oil from root to tip, combing with a wide-tooth comb. Then, you should massage the scalp with your fingertips in a circular motion.

After making sure everything is coated, twist your hair into a topknot but be gentle with it and don’t tie it too tight. Leave the oil to sit for an hour or two (if you can be in contact with warm steam, do it) and then remove all traces with shampoo. Repeat the last step two or three times to make sure everything is clean and oil-free.