Jul 28, 2022

Is Your Phone Giving You A Double Chin?

“Tech neck” or “text neck” is the name of a condition caused by bending the neck down to view devices which causes wrinkles of the skin above the clavicle. This double chin can be witnessed everywhere, in our homes and offices, riding the bus or walking down the street, because staring down at electronic devices has become part of everyday life. But tech neck can also cause back and shoulder pain, headaches, and other health issues. Keep reading to find out more about this old issue and how to solve it! Photo: Pexels

Jul 28, 2022

How To Make Exercise A Habit

There are lots of benefits to exercising. It can be good for the whole body, your weight and even your sleep. It can even help live a longer and healthier life. But it needs to be a regular habit. A burst of activity just once in a while won't do. The idea is to start slowly, especially after a long time of not exercising, since this may cause muscle pain, damage, and even a stress fracture. But steadily building up a work-up routine is essential to find the motivation to go on. Here are a few tricks to get fit and make exercise part of a daily routine. Photo: Ace Fitness

Apr 25, 2022

These Photos Of Celebrities Have Made History

A photo can make history whether it was taken recently or last century. This century is just beginning, but we have plenty of material to discuss. We gathered the best celebrity photos from the 70s to our date, which captured both their best and worst moments. Let’s take a look at the most iconic celebrity photos of all time. Photo: El País

Mar 2, 2022

Las Cosas Más Caras Que Puedes Encontrar En Dubái

La ciudad del oro sabe cómo generar riqueza y cómo exhibirla al resto del mundo: con extravagancias que exceden los límites de la imaginación, y a veces de la ley. El dinero realmente puede comprarlo todo, y esta lista lo comprueba. Photo:

Nov 24, 2021

Top Before-And-After Body Transformation Actors Had To Undergo For A Role

Being an actor is not an easy task as many people could think. It requires dedication, hours memorizing the script, hours of rehearsal and above all, commitment. This commitment even entails compromising your own health and figure. Here you will find famous celebrities that underwent incredible body transformations to portray their characters faithfully. Make sure you don’t miss the Top 10! The changes are out of this world. Photo: Courtesy of Bukisa

Oct 26, 2021

How Much Money Do Celebrities Spend On Bodyguards?

Being a celebrity has more pros than cons. To begin with, everybody loves you, admires you, you are able to buy luxury items and have VIP access everywhere you go. However, there are always two sides to every story. The more famous you are, the more money you spend, especially on bodyguards. Find out how much celebrities spend annually on security... Photo: Bleacher Report

Oct 19, 2021

21 Of The Best Documentaries Ever

Documentaries aren’t just a form of film, they bring something to the world, to us, that no fiction movie can. A vision of certain world issues that bring awareness. Even some justice has been made, R. Kelly is going to jail, Fyre Fest was exposed, and Michel Jackson has been seriously questioned. They make us question ourselves and our surroundings. Therefore, we are gonna check a selection of powerful and life-changing films. Photo: rockandpop

Jun 2, 2021

Celebrities Speak Out About Plastic Surgeries — Confession, Regret And Denial

Some celebs are totally open about their plastic surgery while others flatly deny having ever gone under the knife. Don't get us wrong, it's your body, your choice and there's nothing wrong with doing what you need to feel better... But we do love when some celebs deny the obvious. So...we've gathered some before-and-after photos of the most famous celebrities and you should draw your own conclusions. Photo: Wallpaper Desktop / Pholder

May 21, 2021

Wicked Serial Killers In History You Wish Were Just Characters Of A Horror Story

If you think that killers exist only in horror movies or horror tales, you are completely wrong. These killers existed throughout history and committed the worst and most awful killings that you may ever imagine. And the worst part is, some of them are still out there! Warning: it gets really gruesome, so read at your own risk. Photo: CNN

Mar 22, 2021

The Top-Earning Stunt Doubles In Hollywood

When we watch movies, we don’t realize all the work that’s put into making them. There’s makeup, special effects, and stunt doubles used in almost all movies, even when they don’t involve risky stunts. Today, we’ll take a look at the top-earning stunt doubles in Hollywood, who look just like the celebrities they work for. Photo: Criatives

Mar 22, 2021

Top Pictures Of Your Favorite Wrestlers Unmasked

Part of the magic of the wrestling world is the secret identities behind the wrestlers’ masks. The masks are a part of the persona of the wrestler and give it a back story, a style, and a personality, which more often than not, doesn’t match the real person behind it. Many wrestlers have tried to hide their real faces for years but today, we’ll look at 50 famous wrestlers and what they look like without their masks. Photo: FunnyAnd

Feb 17, 2021

Orphaned Lion Cub Was In Need Of A Mom, See Who Decided To Adopt Him

Lions are some of the most amazing wildlife animals. They are fierce, and everybody knows not to mess with them, especially with their little cubs. As all mothers do, lionesses can be very protective of their little cubs, and they will attack anyone who tries to touch them. It's an instinct most mothers have, no matter the species! However, lions are the apex predators, so it is safe to say we should all stay away from their adorable cubs. But what about the lion cubs that are left without a mother? Who takes care of them? In our story, we have an unlikely adoptive mother who has become a star worldwide once the caretaker revealed some baffling photos! Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

Dec 17, 2020

From The Sketchbook To The Silver Screen: The Original Looks Of Our Favorite Disney Characters

Disney has been with us for a very long, long time. Ever since Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was released in 1939, to the latest blockbuster Frozen 2, almost all of us can say we grew watching these films. Creative, spectacular, memorable, colorful, touching... From humble heartwarming stories to Broadway-like musical masterpieces. But, for many of us, the most important thing is our favorite characters. The Disney Princesses, the heroes, the funny sidekicks, the cute animal companions, the charismatic villains that make it really REALLY hard not to root for them at times... We all have our favorite characters, but... Do we ever consider all the effort that went into making them so charismatic? So memorable? For many of these it wasn´t easy! Let´s see how they were created! Source: YouTube

Oct 20, 2020

23 Songs That Changed The World

Most people like to affirm that music, like other types of art, has the ability to channel deep emotions which were completely hidden beforehand. Others tend to highlight different aspects of it, such as the capacity that a song may have to spark our creativity and help us arrive at new ideas. But what many tend to overlook is the fact that music can also completely change the course of history by addressing crucial social issues and have a huge impact on any society. These are some of the essential songs which changed everything. If you’re a hip hop fan, then don’t miss #11 and #2! Photo: Courtesy of BBC

Sep 16, 2020

Top Bloopers In Films That Made It To The Final Cut

In the midst of shooting a film or a tv series, actors are obliged to stick to the script that was done for them. Sometimes, in the heat of shooting, actors can forget their lines, and in an attempt to shoot the scene again, they improvise a different line that may stick. Sometimes, actors are given a free pass by directors to improvise their lines and scenes, as the director may think that it fits the actor best. However, these improvisations don't always work out as planned! Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Aug 20, 2020

After 11 Years Of Suffering From Severe Amnesia, He Finally Discovered His Identity

The human mind works in ways that sometimes we can't understand. There is a constant collection of memories which are kept inside our minds since we were young. The first time you rode a bike and the taste of your favorite food are examples of life moments that build your identity. People who suffer from dissociative amnesia, however, completely forget about every single memory of their past, even forgetting about who they are. The case of Benjaman Kyle is fascinating. He was suffering from severe amnesia for many years, until everything changed. Photo: Taringa!

Aug 18, 2020

The Best Movies That Surprisingly Didn't Win An Oscar

*There has always been controversy surrounding the Academy Awards Photo: Courtesy of Htrnews

Jun 22, 2020

Why Don't These Celebrities Wanna Have Kids?

Who said you have to have kids? While raising a family may be many people's life goal, it's definitely not for everyone. Some people would rather focus on their career (or on themselves on any level), while some others are simply not interested on the idea of having kids of their own. Obviously, Hollywood celebrities are no exception, and some of our favorite stars have spoken up about the reasons why they don't wanna become parents. Can you guess which celebrities will be on our list? Photo: Vanitatis

Jun 20, 2020

The Human Barbie Decided To Ditch The Barbie Look — This Is What She Looks Like Now

By now, you must have at least heard of Valeria Lukyanova, the Ukranian model who became known as the Human Barbie. She underwent surgery and has a very strict routine to enhance the Barbie effect: she wears contact lenses and heavy makeup. However, only her closest friends and family know her without smoke and mirrors. Are you ready to see her as she is? Let’s take a look! Photo: Courtesy of GQ

Jun 20, 2020

Biker Rescues A Puppy From Its Abusive Owner By Doing The Sweetest Thing

There aren't that many stories which can make everyone go "aww", but this one sure can! Today we are going to show you what a tough American biker decided to do after he saw someone leaving a dog on the side of the road. Be prepared for the unexpected, because you will never guess what the biker does to protect the dog! Photo: Courtesy of Facebook